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Caring Mask 運動優惠套裝 買2套藍色迷彩送1套5片裝濾芯

Caring Mask 運動優惠套裝 買2套藍色迷彩送1套5片裝濾芯

Caring Mask 可重用殺菌口罩 (藍色迷彩) 運動限時優惠套裝


3L Caring Mask (藍色迷彩)  2 套 送 1套5片裝濾芯


  • 長效擊殺: 


  • 防飛沫保護:
  • 最貼面,最透氣:
  • 運動專用:
  • 配載舒適,耳痛 Bye Bye:
  • 環保產品:


3L Caring Mask Special Sport Set

3L Caring Mask (Blue) x 2 set + 1 set of PTFE filter as bonus


Product Description:

  • Best Protection 

Implantation of patented CVN Antiviral technology, providing long-term antiviral protection


  • Anti-droplet Protection

High-tech nano waterproof treatment providing best protection.


  • Extremely breathability.   Fit all the faces design

Caring Mask is made by the neoprene , the elastic diving fabric which can fit all the faces. The user is no need to worry about the mask falling off, and preventing the breathing moisture make the glass blur


  • Best Choice for Sports:

Patented 3D mask design, built-in central bridge, extremely breathability and extra-large internal space of the mask which making the players’ breath smoothly.


  • Extremely Comfortable

The adjustable ear straps can be changed and adjustable to reduce the pressure on the ears back.


  • Environmentally Friendly

Caring Mask can be cleaned and disinfected with warm water or 75% alcohol, and can be reused at least 30 times. It can save a lot of disposable mask which can save our planet.

  • 運送方法 Shipping

    運送方法 Shipping

    A. 單次購物滿$700元 (折扣後) 即可享有免運費優惠至香港各區工商地址/順豐地址。(中國香港地區以外