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首批專屬口罩訂做服務正式出貨 WAKE.HK帶領口罩潮流

三生健康科技 Caring Mask 專屬口罩訂做服務,可按客戶的要求訂做不同顏色、不同LOGO、不同包裝的Caring Mask ,盡顯品牌及企業文化,在持久疫情下,工作時需配戴口罩已成為新常態,員工上班時會被不同品牌及種類的口罩覆蓋2/3的臉孔,對於注重企業形象及關心員工健康的企業來說,三生健康科技特意推出專屬個性化口罩訂做服務,可配合不同公司推廣宣傳設計,訂製企業專屬口罩服務,能加強企業的形象及員工的凝聚力,齊心抗疫。


WAKE是關於技術、工程、設計和創新—WAKE是品牌、平台、零售,更重要的是,WAKE是一個有趣的設計團隊。WAKE與許多初創公司、Kickstarter 品牌和產品合作—WAKE承認每個企業都有其基礎、優勢和優勢; WAKE的力量是挖掘它們並放大商業和創造潛力。

First batch of custom-made Caring Mask are officially shipped

WAKE.HK leads the trend of masks

3L Health & Technology Caring Mask’s exclusive mask customization service can custom-made Caring Masks with different colors, LOGOs, and packagings according to customer requirements. Under the prolonged epidemic, wearing mask at work has become the new normal. When employees go to work, two-thirds of their faces will be covered by different brands and types of masks. For companies that pay attention to corporate image and care about the health of their employees, 3L Health & Technology has specially launched custom-made masks. It can cooperate with different companies to promote and design, and customize the company's exclusive mask , which can strengthen the company's image and the cohesion of employees, and work together to fight the epidemic.


WAKE is about technology, engineering, design, and innovation - WAKE are brand, platform, retail, and, more importantly, a fun design team. WAKE collaborated with many startups, Kickstarter brands and products - and WAKE acknowledge every business has its niche, edge, and advantage; our strength is to dig them out and magnify both the commerce and creativity potential.

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