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專利CVN®️技術 獲香港著名大學証實10分鐘有效殺滅新冠病毒

最近 3L Heath & Technology 委托香港著名大學使用COVID-19病毒株作測試,結果證實 3L Tbed 能 10分鐘內消除COVID-19病毒傳染能力,成為全球首個含殺滅新冠病毒技術的防衛殺菌睡膜。


CVN®️ Tech eliminate COVID-19 effectively within 10 mins

is proven by Hong Kong renowned university

3L Health & Technology have invited a renowned university in Hong Kong to use the COVID-19 strain for testing. The results also confirmed that the fibric with CVN®️ Tech can eliminate the COVID-19 effectively within 10 minutes and this has become the world's first protective TBed with COVID-killing technology.

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