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三生健康科技國際控股有限公司 特別聲明 Special Statement

鑑於最近收到客戶查詢有關本司產品「3D可重用白金級納米科技口罩」的有效期問題 , 本司特意在官方網站、Facebook及Intragram 作出說明 , 每套「3D可重用白金級納米科技口罩」內的產品合格證上都會寫上生產日期及有效期 , 有效期是2年是由客戶打開產品封套開始計算 , 並非從生產日期開始計算 , 如有任何問題 , 歡迎與我們聯絡

特此通知 貴客戶 !


In view of recent customer inquiries about the effective period of our product "3D Reusable Platinum Nano Tech Mask", our company specially made an explanation on the official website, Facebook and Intragram. The production date and effective period will be written on the "approved certificate for product" inside each set of "3D Reusable Platinum Nano Tech Mask" . The effective period is 2 years from the time the customer OPENS the product package, NOT from the production date.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

We hereby inform our valued customers!

3L Health & Technology International Holdings Limited

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